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Robert. 25. Single.

Fighting out of Glasgow, Scotland
Your daily source of bearded, tattooed selfies

Final Fantasy, LOTR, Simpsons, Star Wars and all other sort of stuff that takes my fancy.

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Anonymous asked: if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?


The only thing I’m holding against you is how bad that joke is.

— 23 minutes ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: Do you like anyone from tumblr?


I love everyone on here.

— 1 hour ago with 1 note
Anonymous asked: You think you're incredibly smooth and you're not, it's totally cringeworthy watching you shamelessly post stuff on here. You get the few girls you do because of the beard, you're literally NOTHING without it. You're 25 years old and you're still fawning over girls on a blogging website. It's pathetic, get a fucking grip.


Aww how sweet. :)
I don’t think you’re my type but I’m sure you’ll find someone.

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Anonymous asked: How tall are you?


Taller than your boyfriend.

— 1 hour ago with 1 note



As much as I love tall girls, girls at 4’10 are pretty fun too.

Robert, they must of been a proper hobbit compared to you omg

Most people are!

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Who gives a shit if he has. Its not any of your business. He can fuck whoever he wants.
Exacty. People need to get a grip.
— 2 hours ago
Anonymous asked: That anon who's so curious about your sex life sounds like a stalker tbh. I mean how is anyone supposed to know but you. That's creepy af.


Someone with too much time on their hands.

— 2 hours ago
Anonymous asked: So you've clearly fucked someone new, didn't take you long to move on.


Wow, for an anon you sure have a lot to say about my personal life.

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Anonymous asked: When was the last time you had sex?


Mind your business, fool.

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As much as I love tall girls, girls at 4’10 are pretty fun too.

— 2 hours ago with 6 notes